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Audioevolution was established back in October 2002 primarily as a distribution and representation company of sound and vision systems made for and by those with passion for the music and cinema.

The company is the dream realization of a devoted music lover with broad music education, specialization and experience who visualized as an optimum goal the strengthening of proper breeding and music education, for the greatest possible audience in Greece.

The rule and means of aspirations is to offer to the public, audio and video products at affordably adapted for the Greek reality prices without compromising quality, performance and aesthetics.

The frequently enthusiastic and in all cases very positive response of the Greek public in a difficult business environment, is the utmost reward for our efforts and pushed us to pursue and achieve an objectively enviable range of products.

Audioevolution has achieved today to exclusively represent most respected manufacturing brands of cutting-edge audio and video technology from allover the world and legendary brand names such as Dynaudio, Plinius, Audioquest and Audiolab –that need no further introductions- as well as upcoming strong manufacturers due to unquestionable value like the Italian maker Audia and Opera and the German Gamut while recently we completed the exclusive cooperation and representation of the leading manufacturers of loudspeakers and electronics Technical Audio Devices (TAD) a member of the Pioneer Group.

All the brands that Audioevolution represents have been selected because they can offer an excellent value-for-money factor and this is further enhanced by a customized pricing approach, making the products even more affordable then anywhere else including their manufacturing country.

We pay a lot of attention to the correct, detailed and above all honest customer information of the products we represent which why Audioevolution has three specially designed rooms in a total 110 m2 area adjusted as close as possible to home conditions.

We believe that flawless specifications and even de facto technological superiority or triumphant reports from specialized press of the products we represent compared to competition, do not necessarily mean that they are also capable to unleash the power of excitement and emotion of music. Those are purely personal case and approach. The authenticity of sound is more than products and stereotypes. Proper demonstration and matching of products is perhaps the most important step, in properly configuring before purchase a complete system.

Audioevolution follows closely the latest developments, exchanges views and expertise with the manufacturers it represents, while with its constant presence in international exhibitions contributes decisively to the promotion of what is happening in Greece.

What remains to be proven is the response of the Greek general public to this challenge; though so far the messages are very encouraging…..

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